Thankfully, there are laws that allow you to begin again if it becomes impossible for you to climb your way out of debt. The attorneys at Miranda, Magden & Miranda can help you assess your options. We utilize the law to help mend your troubled financial situation quickly and with dignity. Call us for a free consultation today.

The Miranda, Magden & Miranda Difference:

Your goals matter. We recognize that it is sometimes difficult to know what to look for when searching for an attorney’s help at the beginning of the journey. In the Bankruptcy process, exceptional legal expertise and our attorney’s personal attention on your case are two of the most important factors in assuring that you receive the timely relief from debt you deserve. These factors make up the Miranda, Magden & Miranda difference.

The attorneys at Miranda, Magden & Miranda received their legal educations from the top law schools in the nation. Your Bankruptcy and debt-relief options are evaluated by exceptional attorneys committed to your legal success. Your case before the court will be well-informed and well-constructed. We place this importance on every case.  A “dismissal” of your case due to hasty errors, missed deadlines, or lack of proof means a loss to you of time, money, and your goal of debt relief. Although high-volume firms may tolerate a high dismissal rate for their clients, we do not.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


The attorneys at Miranda, Magden and Miranda, have an established reputation for integrity and effectiveness within our court system. Our clients know the difference. You meet with an attorney at your first consultation. Our attorneys will present all of your options and speak plainly as to whether or not Bankruptcy is the best option for you. If you do decide to pursue your legal rights through federal bankruptcy protection, we will offer you competitive rates, AND we get you back to better days as quickly as possible.

Miranda, Magden & Miranda is unique in the high-level of personal service and attention provided to our clients. We believe this personal service is directly linked the high confirmation rates our clients enjoy. Once you begin the Bankruptcy process with us, our team will be there to answer questions, guide you both in and out of court, and help you stay on track to complete [confirm] your Bankruptcy case.

We are available to discuss the latest wisdom on how to improve your credit score following a Bankruptcy or other debt reduction, including a review of your annual credit report. Our concern for you does not stop when your case is over, and we hope that you will join the hundreds of our former clients by continuing to visit with us following completion of your bankruptcy case. Together, we set the industry standard for personal attention. We encourage you to speak with our former clients, read our reviews, or come meet us to understand the Miranda, Magden & Miranda difference.

Miranda, Magden & Miranda, LLP is a designated Debt Relief Agency.

We help consumers file for relief under federal bankruptcy laws designed to protect people like you. For more information, click here.

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