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At Miranda, Magden and & Miranda, we feel that our customer service extends to making sure that each client is well served in their legal needs. As one client stated, “At Miranda, Magden and Miranda it’s about Professionalism, Compassion, Honesty and Clarity.”


Help the client understand the legal system….”

“I was in need of a family law attorney for custody/visitation of my son. I had many consultations and did not feel any of the attorneys were the right fit for me. I was referred to Miranda, Magden & Miranda. After the first phone consultation, I just knew this was the law firm I wanted to represent my son and I.

I highly recommend this law firm. They are professional, prompt and are there to represent the client and help the client understand the legal system better.”
– Alisa B.

A great experience...”

When we needed an immigration attorney – we looked to this firm. Right from the start… Adrianna started up the process and then put us in contact with Patricia.

From start to finish, It was a great experience. Patricia did not hold back when asking questions and for expecting us to provide certain documents. Even when it seemed like overkill, she emphasized the need, and, together, we were able to get our packet together. The processes were so well organized and complete that even after our interview at the immigration office, they told us it would be 2-3 months before we received our decision…it wasn’t even a month and all was completed.

I can’t say “thank you” enough for all of their help, their attention to even the most miniscule details. Their door was always open if we had any questions. I highly recommend Patricia and her staff for any of your legal needs. We will definitely be going back to them when we need other legal help.
– Michael H.

Debt free…

I am really thankful with Michael and Adriana for the support and their time and helping. I was stressing for having so many bills, but thanks to them I am debt free. I will recommend friends and family to them. Thanks so much.

-Jose P.

Salvado a mi hijo….”

“Le doy gracias a la abogada Patricia Miranda por el excelente servicio y el trato que nos brindo ami familia y ami en el proceso de inmigración. Gracias a ella estoy con mi familia, porque primero fui con un notario a que me ayudara a llenar los papeles para mi residencia y ellos cometieron un error que me impidió regresa con mi esposo y tuve que quedarme en México por un par de meses y a punto de dar a luz. Después mi esposo contrato a un abogado que esta en Miami y el tampoco nos ayudo, solamente nos quito dinero y nos dio falsas esperanzas. Gracias a Dios mi marido se contacto con la abogada Patricia Miranda y ella en tan solo dos meses hizo lo imposible para que yo regresara con mi marido y pudiera tener a mi hijo en el país.”

-Vicky A.


I highly recommend them to anyone...”

I was in need of a family law attorney for my QUODRO/401K plan that had been addressed/finalized over 13 years ago. My “X” was now taking me back to court stating he did not receive his 1/2 of my 401K.

Because it was over 13 years ago, I did not have my records immediately available to provide documentation to the court. Due to this, I did not feel that I could represent myself. I had met with a couple of attorneys locally and felt right off the bat they were not a right fit for me and my case.

Through my sister in-law, I was recommended to contact Miranda, Magden & Miranda. After contacting their office to set up my consultation appointment I had a good feeling about meeting with them. After meeting with Levi for my consultation I KNEW that he and his law firm/office were the one for me and my case. He and his office are amazing and I highly recommend them to anyone.”
-Denise G.


“Highly recommend them for all your legal needs...”

After hiring a local attorney who completely screwed up our case, we were lucky to find and hire Mr. Miranda to fix what the other attorney had screwed up.
Mr. Miranda and Adriana are  two people who are credible, professional, extremely knowledgable and reasonable They will walk you through  everything to make sure you understand what you are signing, explain what are your options and go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable.
We are so thankful for their help and for taking our case even though he knew that it was going to be hard to undo what the other attorney did.
Highly recommend them for all your legal needs.
-Olivia L.

Someone you want on your side...”

I have not had a lot of experience with lawyers in my life, but I have worked with Levi from Miranda Magden & Miranda. He is someone you want on your side in tough situations. He cares about the well-being of his clients. He took the time to carefully listen to and evaluate my priorities and needs, applied his knowledge and expertise, and helped me understand the next steps toward a plan to create the best possible outcome for me. His professionalism was personalized to my situation so that I knew I was not just a name and a case. I recommend him if you need someone who will work with you to get the results you need.
– Cathy D.

The most important thing to you….”

After a number of interviews with other attorneys I was so pleased to meet Patricia from Miranda, Magden & Miranda. I had a few issues from a family law matter that needed attention, and from our first meeting, I knew this was who I wanted to represent me.
Patricia listened first, then explained the process clearly. [She] asked me her questions and then presented how we could proceed. She is the only attorney that asked me, “what is the most important thing to you?”, How refreshing! Every time I strayed from that important thing she would bring me back and do it in a cost-effective, timely matter. This law firm is at the top of my recommendation list!
– Jodi M.

Reliable, polite, professional…

Very reliable law firm. Super professional and polite. Court system can get really frustrating and exhausting, so please, do yourself a favor and give these guys a call. It will save you all the nightmare and headaches of going through endless paperwork and time wasted between court dates.

After all, Miranda, Magden & Miranda got me custody of my two children and at the same time they helped me out with the very reasonable service fees. I will strongly recommend this law firm to friends and family. Keep up the good work and God bless.
– Miguel N.

He and I were always on the same page due to his honesty…

Last year, I had just moved in the area and needed a family law attorney for a custody case. The process of finding/choosing an attorney could be daunting. However, when I went in for my first consultation with Levi my stress level was immediately mollified. He was personable, which made me feel comfortable to discuss my personal matters freely. I had a lot of questions of the legal process that would take place and he took the time to explain everything with meticulous detail. More importantly, when I called Levi he returned by phone calls in timely/professional time frame. He handled my case with urgency and continued to have an open communication with me throughout the entirety of my case. I felt supported during a time that I was feeling stressed and unclear about my own standing with my daughter.

I highly recommend the Miranda Magden & Miranda law firm for any individual that is seeking an attorney who demonstrates a few of these characteristics.
Levi was always on time, completed paperwork quickly, and considered all avenues to get me everything I wanted in my custody battle.
Levi proved to be extremely considerate to my predicament and remained to have empathy and honesty.
HONEST Levi was very truthful with me as new information came to his office. He was able to articulate what needed to be done in order for my case to be successful. I felt that he and I were always on the same page due to his honesty.
Levi made all aspects of my case very clear and simple in order for me to have complete understanding. I like to have everything picture in my mind, Levi was able to make the whole process lucid for me to feel confident.
Levi worked around my schedule for over a year. I am a single, working mother, without the help of family, and Levi went out of his way to call during convenient times and meet at the office of my preference. Make it easier on yourself and contact this law group to assist you with your case and alleviate future stresses.”
– Jennifer V.

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